Latest Source Updates

These updates will be available in the dpkg source soon.

sddm 1:0.19.0 QML based X11 display manager
unrar 6.0.7 The RAR uncompression program
dbus 2:1.12.20 D-Bus, a system message bus
opensm 3.3.24 OpenIB InfiniBand Subnet Manager and Management Utilities
rime-cantonese 1:0+git20210619 Rime Cantonese input schema
rime-pinyin-simp 1:0+git20210530 pinyin simp input for rime
musescore 4.0~alpha.0+git20210613 Create, play and print beautiful sheet music
citra 0+git20210621 An experimental Nintendo 3DS emulator
melonds 0.9.2 An LLE (Low-Level Emulation) Nintendo DS emulator
mgba 0.9.1 A Nintendo Gameboy Advance Emulator focusing on both speed and accuracy
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Repositories and Trees

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Repository Count Ghost Lagging Missing Last Update (UTC)
amd64 4036 1289 313 59
arm64 3939 1258 433 156
loongson3 3019 1213 229 1075
noarch 1526 2 182 12
ppc64el 3583 1196 303 511
Source Tree Count Outdated Last Update (UTC)
aosc-os-abbs 5631 1394