a52dec 0.7.4-2 A free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams
aalib 1.4rc5-3 ASCII Art Library
acbs 2:20221105-1 Autobuild CI Build System
accountsservice 0.6.55-4 D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
acl 2.3.1 Access Control List
admin-base 7 Meta package for AOSC OS basic administrative utilities
alsa-lib The ALSA interface library
alsa-plugins 1.2.5 Extra ALSA plugins
alsa-utils 1.2.6+git20220510 ALSA utilities
aom 2.0.0-2 AV1 Video Codec Library
aosc-aaa 10.0.1 Bed-rock level system definitions
aosc-os-presets-base 0-1 Systemd presets for AOSC OS Base/Non-Desktop distributions
apr 1.6.5-2 Apache Portable Runtime
apr-util 1.6.1-6 The Apache Portable Runtime utilities
apt 2:2.5.4-2 Advanced Packaging Tools
argon2 20190702-3 A password-hashing function (reference C implementation)
argyllcms 2.2.0 ICC compatible color management system
arp-scan 1.9.8 A tool that uses ARP to discover and fingerprint IP hosts on local network
arping 2.20-1 Broadcasts a who-has ARP packet on the network and prints answers
aspell 0.60.8-3 An interactive spell checking program and the Aspell libraries
at-spi2-atk 2.38.0-1 A library that bridges ATK to At-Spi2 D-Bus service
at-spi2-core 2.44.1 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
atk 2.38.0 A library providing a set of interfaces for accessibility
attr 2.4.48-2 Extended attribute support library for ACL support
audio-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS audio support
autofs 5.1.8-2 A kernel-based automounter for Linux
autogen 5.18.16-2 A tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs
avahi 0.8-5 Service Discovery for Linux using mDNS/DNS-SD
axel 2.17.11 A download accelerator
b43-tools 0+git20170913-2 Tools for the b43 kernel module
babeltrace 1.5.7-1 Command-line race reader for LTTng
bash 5.1.16-1 Bourne Again SHell
bc 1.07.1-2 A command line calculator
bcache-tools 1:1.0.8 Userspace tools for Bcachefs
bcc 0.25.0-1 BPF compiler collection and tools for Linux kernel tracing and instrumentation
bind 1:9.16.33-1 Internet Domain Name Server (from ISC)
binutils 2.39-1 A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files
bird 2.0.10-1 Fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon
bison 3.8.2 The GNU general purpose parser generator
bluez 5.66 The Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
boost 1:1.75.0-2 Boost C++ libs
boot-base 3 Meta package for AOSC OS bootloader support
bpftrace 0.16.0 High-level tracing language and utilities for BPF, kprobes, uprobes and tracepoints
brltty 6.0-7 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix
brotli 1.0.9-3 Brotli compression library and utility
btrfs-progs 5.19.1 Btrfs filesystem utilities
bubblewrap 0.6.2 Unprivileged sandboxing tool.
bzip2 1.0.8-5 A freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor
c-ares 1.14.0-2 C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously
cairo 1.17.6 A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices
cchardet 2.1.7 Universal character encoding detector
cdparanoia 10.2-4 A CD audio extraction tool
celt 0.11.3-4 Low-latency audio communication codec
cffi 1.15.0-1 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
cfitsio 3.450-1 A library reading and writing data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format
cgdb 0.8.0-1 Curses-based interface to GNU DeBugger
cgns 4.2.0 A software suite for handling computational fluid dynamics analysis data
check 0.15.2-1 Unit testing framework for C
chromaprint 1.5.0 Library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints from any audio source
chrpath 0.16-4 A utility for changing rpath in ELF formatted files

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