1-ming 7.01 A Chinese classic typeface
32subsystem 20161006-4 32 bit (i686) runtime and development support environment
a52dec+32 0.7.4-1 A free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams (optenv32)
aalib+32 1.4rc5-1 ASCII Art Library (optenv32)
abbs 20160812-1 Configuration/manifest manager for Autobuild
abcde 2.9.3-1 A Better CD Emulator
abseil-py 0.7.0-1 Abseil Python Common Libraries
acccheck 0.2.1-1 A password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol
accerciser 3.38.0 Interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
ack 3.2.0 A Perl-based grep replacement
acl+32 2.2.52-4 Access Control List for 32Subsystem
acme 1.12.0 ACME protocol implementation in Python
adapta An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines
addict 2.4.0 A Python module that exposes a dictionary subclass that allows items to be set like attributes
adobe-source-code-pro 2.030-1 A Monospace OpenType font family designed for programming and terminal emulators
adobe-source-han-sans 2.003 A set of Pan-CJK fonts designed to complement Source Sans Pro
adobe-source-han-serif 1.001-1 A set of Pan-CJK serif fonts
adobe-source-sans-pro 2.045 Sans Serif font family for user interfaces
adobe-source-serif-pro 2.000 A Serif OpenType font family
adwaita-icon-theme 3.38.0 Adwaita icon theme, the official icon theme of GNOME
aiozmq 0.7.1-2 ZeroMQ integration with asyncio (PEP 3156)
alabaster 0.7.12-2 A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme
alacarte 3.36.0-1 Menu editor for GNOME
allegro+32 4.4.2-1 Portable library mainly aimed at video games and multimedia programs (optenv32)
alsa-lib+32 The ALSA interface library (optenv32)
alsa-plugins+32 1.2.2 Extra ALSA plugins (optenv32)
android-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS Android utilities
android-udev 1:0.0+git20201011 UDev rules to help connecting Android devices properly
anki 2.1.15-2 Flashcard program for using space repetition learning
ansible 2.9.10-1 An IT automation tool
aosc-appstream-data 20170510 AOSC package database for AppStream (FD.o) frontends
aosc-artwork 20141112-1 Wallpapers from AOSC contributors (old 2014 contest)
aosc-community-wallpapers 1:1.1.0 Community wallpaper submissions (Continuously Rolling)
aosc-community-wallpapers-2020 20210108 AOSC community wallpapers of 2020
aosc-logos 8 AOSC OS logos in ASCII arts
aosc-os-presets-cinnamon 0 Systemd presets for AOSC OS Cinnamon distributions
aosc-os-presets-gnome 0 Systemd presets for AOSC OS GNOME distributions
aosc-os-presets-lxde 0 Systemd presets for AOSC OS LXDE distributions
aosc-os-presets-mate 0 Systemd presets for AOSC OS MATE distributions
aosc-os-presets-plasma 0 Systemd presets for AOSC OS KDE/Plasma distributions
aosc-os-presets-xfce 0 Systemd presets for AOSC OS XFCE distributions
aosc-os-repository-data 20200929 AOSC OS repository and mirrors configuration data
aosc-wallpapers-2018 2:1 Community wallpaper submissions (transitional package)
aosc-xdg-menu 20200412-1 XDG Menu specifications for WM-based DE
apache-ant 1.10.8 A java-based build tool
apache-maven 3.6.3 Java project management and project comprehension tool
appdirs 1.4.4 A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific directories
apricity-themes-gnome 20161126 A minimalist GNOME/GTK+ theme
april 2.0.1-2 Simplified data deserialization
apt-fast 1.9.9-1 A shellscript wrapper for APT to improve download times
apt-file 1:3.2.2-1 A command line tool for searching files contained in packages
apt-gen-list 20191114-2 Utility for generating sources.list for APT according to available repository configurations
arandr 0.1.10-1 A GTK+ GUI for xrandr
arc-firefox-theme 53.20170420 Official Arc theme for Firefox browser
arc-flatabulous-theme 20180201 Arc theme with Flatabulous window controls
arc-icon-theme 20161122 Icon theme to go with the Arc GTK+ theme
arc-kde 20180614 Arc KDE customization
arc-openbox 20170104 Arc theme for the Openbox window manager
arc-theme 20190917 A flat theme with transparent elements
arch-chroot 23-2 An utility for setting up vital API mounts and system files and chrooting

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