wayland 1.19.0 A display server to replace X.Org
webkit2gtk 1:2.32.0-1 GTK+ Web content engine library, webkit2gtk
webrtc-audio-processing 0.3-3 Audio Processing library based on Google implementation of WebRTC
wget 1.21.2 A network utility to retrieve files from the Internet
which 2.21-3 A utility to show the full path of commands
wildmidi 0.4.3 Open source MIDI synthesizer
wireless-tools 30.pre9-3 Tools allowing to manipulate the Wireless Extensions
wmctrl 1.07 A command line tool to interact with EWMH/NetWM-compatible X window managers
woff2 1.0.2-2 Web Open Font Format 2 reference implementation
wpa-supplicant 1:2.9-5 Utility providing key negotiation for WPA wireless networks
wpebackend-fdo 1.3.91-1 FreeDesktop.org backend for WPE WebKit
wxbase 1:3.0.4-7 Base runtime for the wxWidgets library
wxgtk2 1:3.0.4-7 GTK+ 2.0 bindings for the wxWidgets library
wxgtk3 1:3.0.4-7 GTK+ 3.0 bindings for the wxWidgets library
x11-app 7.7.20200322-4 X11R7 Applications
x11-base 2-1 Meta package for X11 display support
x11-font 7.7.20151109-4 X11R7 Fonts and Utilities
x11-lib 7.7.20200908-1 X11 runtime libraries
x264 20170521-7 H264 encoding library
x265 3.1.1-2 Open source H265/HEVC video encoder
xapian-core 1.4.18 Open source search engine library
xcb-util 0.4.0-1 X11 Client Side Utilities Library
xcb-util-cursor 0.1.3-1 X11 Client Side Utilities - Cursor Libraries
xcb-util-image 0.4.0-2 X11 Client Side Utilities - Imaging Libraries
xcb-util-keysyms 0.4.0-2 X11 Client Side Utilities - Keysyms Libraries
xcb-util-renderutil 0.3.9-4 X11 Client Side Utilities - Render Utilities
xcb-util-wm 0.4.1-3 X11 Client Side Utilities - Window Manager Libraries
xclip 1:20191017 Command line interface to X selections (clipboard actions)
xclock 1.0.9-1 X Clock
xdg-dbus-proxy 0.1.2-1 A filtering proxy for D-Bus connections
xerces-c 3.2.3-1 A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++
xf86-input-libinput 0.30.0-1 Generic input driver for X11
xf86-input-wacom 0.40.0 XF86 driver for Wacom Graphics Tablets
xf86-video-amdgpu 21.0.0 XF86 driver for AMDGPU compatible graphics cards
xf86-video-ati 19.1.0+git20210201 XF86 driver for ATI graphics cards
xf86-video-fbdev 0.5.0-4 XF86 driver for Framebuffer devices
xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.16-2 XF86 driver for NVIDIA graphics cards
xfsprogs 5.10.0-1 XFS filesystem utilities
xinit 1.4.1-2 X server initialisation tool
xmlto 0.0.28-3 Utility to convert xml to many other formats
xorg-server 21.1.4 X.Org display server
xray 1.5.5 V2Ray with XTLS support
xterm 351-2 X Terminal Emulator
xvidcore 1.3.7-2 XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec
xwayland 22.1.3 X11 compatibility layer for Wayland
xxhash 0.8.0 Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
xz 5.2.5-2 General-purpose data compression software with a high compression ratio
yajl 2.1.0-2 Yet Another Json Library
yaml 0.2.5 YAML 1.1 library
yaml-cpp 0.6.3-3 YAML parser and emitter in C++, written around the YAML 1.2 spec
yasm 1.3.0-2 A rewrite of NASM
zbar 0.23.90-1 Application and library for reading bar codes from various sources
zeromq 4.3.4 Fast messaging system built on sockets
zip 3.0-5 Creates PKZIP-compatible .zip files
zlib 1.2.12-1 A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library
zola 0.15.3-2 A fast static site generator in a single binary with everything built in
zope-interface 5.4.0-1 Zope Interface
zram-generator 1.1.1 Systemd unit generator for zram devices
zstd 1.5.2 Implementation of a fast real-time compression algorithm
zvbi 0.2.35-1 VBI capture and decoding library

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