dialog 1.3+20191110-1 A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts
diffutils 3.8 Utilities for generating diff stats from files
ding-libs 0.6.1 D is not GLib - utility libraries
dislocker 0.7.3 Read BitLocker encrypted volumes under Linux
distcc 3.4 Distributed C Compiler
djvulibre 3.5.28 Suite to create, manipulate and view DjVu documents
dleyna-core 0.6.0-1 Library of utility functions that are used by the higher level dLeyna
dmenu 5.2 A generic menu for X
dmidecode 3.6 Desktop Management Interface table related utilities
dnsmasq 2.90 Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
dolphin-emu 1:5.0+git20211101-4 A Gamecube/Wii emulator
dos2unix 7.5.2 A tool to convert line breaks between Unix and DOS formats
dosfstools 4.2-1 DOS filesystem utilities
dotconf 1.3-2 A C library for parsing configuration files
double-conversion 3.2.1 Binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles
dovecot An open source IMAP and POP3 email server
doxygen 1.10.0 A documentation system for C/C++
dpkg 1.22.6 The Debian package manager tools and libraries
dracut-ng 102 Generic, modular, cross-distribution initramfs generation tool
dssi 1.1.1-1 API for audio processing plugins & softsynths with UIs
dssim-c 1.3.2+git20200922 Library for computing (dis)similarity between two or more PNG &/or JPEG images using an algorithm approximating human vision
dsview 1:1.3.1 Frontend for instruments from Dream Source Lab
dtc 1.6.0-2 Device Tree Compiler
dua 2.29.0 A tool to conveniently learn about the usage of disk space of a given directory
duktape 2.5.0-2 An embeddable Javascript engine, with a focus on portability and compact footprint
dulwich 0.21.6 A Git implementation in Python
dune 3.4.1-1 A composable build system for OCaml
dunst 1.11.0 Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
dvdauthor 0.7.2-2 DVD authoring tools
dvd+rw-tools 7.1-6 DVD burning tools
e2fsprogs 1.47.0 Ext2/3/4 filesystem utilities
earlyoom 1.8.2 Early OOM Daemon for Linux
ebook-tools 0.2.2-4 Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats
ecl 23.9.9 Embeddable Common Lisp
ed 1.20.2 A POSIX compliant line-oriented text editor
edid-decode 0+git20230804 Decode EDID data in human-readable format
editorconfig-core-c 0.12.6 Support for EditorConfig parsing
efivar 38 Tools and library for manipulating EFI variables
egl-wayland 1.1.13 The EGLStream-based Wayland external platform
elfutils 0.188-1 Libraries and utilities to handle ELF object files and DWARF debugging information
elinks 1: An advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode web browser
elvis 1:2.2+1pre3-3 A vi clone
emacs 29.3 An extensible, customizable text editor (and more)
enca 1.19-2 Charset analyzer and converter
enchant 1.6.0-9 A generic interface into various existing spell checking libraries
enchant-2 2.3.1 A generic interface into various existing spell checking libraries (v2)
enet 1.3.18 A reliable UDP networking library
epub2txt 1:0.1.4+git20200105 Utility to extract and format text from EPUB documents
espeak-ng 1.51.1 A multi-lingual open source synthesizer
et 6.2.9 Re-connectable secure remote shell
ethtool 6.0 Utility for controlling network drivers and hardware
evolution-data-server 3.44.4-3 Centralized access to appointments and contacts
exempi 1:2.5.1-1 A library to parse XMP metadata
exfatprogs 1.2.4 Userspace utilities for the exFAT filesystem
exim 4.97.1 A general purpose e-mail message transfer agent (MTA)
exiv2 0.27.5 Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library and tools
exo 4.18.0 Application library for Xfce
expat 2.5.0 A stream-oriented C library for parsing XML
expect 5.45.4-2 Tool for automating interactive applications
f2fs-tools 1.16.0 Tools for the Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS)

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