fisher 4.4.2 A plugin manager for the Fish shell
fisherman 1:0 Transitional package for fisher
flac+32 1.3.3 FLAC analyzing library
flask 1:1.1.2-1 Micro webdevelopment framework for Python
flask-login 0.4.1-3 User session management for Flask
flask-mail 0.9.1-4 Flask extension for sending email
flask-principal 0.4.0-4 Identity management for Flask
flask-silk 0.2-3 Adds silk icons to your Flask application or blueprint, or extension
flask-wtf 0.14-3 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
flat-remix-gtk-theme-dark 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (dark)
flat-remix-gtk-theme-darker 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (darker)
flat-remix-gtk-theme-darkest 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (darkest)
flat-remix-gtk-theme-light 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (light)
flat-remix-icon-theme 20191122 Super Flat remix is a pretty simple icon theme for Linux
flent 1.3.2-3 The FLExible Network Tester
flexiserver 0-3 A script for Xfce user switch support
flit 3.7.1 A tool for packaging Python PEP-517 modules
fluidsynth+32 1.1.6-1 A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications (optenv32)
font-awesome 1:5.15.4 A set of iconic fonts
fontconfig+32 2.14.0 A library for configuring and customizing font access (optenv32)
fonts-alee 13.3-1 Free Hangul TrueType fonts
fonts-cwtex 1.0-5 TrueType Fonts from cwTeX
fonts-lato 2.0-1 A sanserif typeface family designed by Lukasz Dziedzic
fonts-tlwg 0.7.2-1 A collection of Thai scalable fonts available in free licenses
foolscap 0.13.2 RPC protocol for Python and Twisted
foomatic 1:0 Transitional meta package for Foomatic components
foomatic-db 0+git20210222 OpenPrinting printer support database
foomatic-db-nonfree 0+git20150604 OpenPrinting printer support database (non-free data)
fortune-zh 1:0-1 Chinese Data files for Fortune (transitional package for fortunes-zh)
fortunes-zh 2.97-2 Chinese Data files for Fortune
freealut+32 1.1.0-1 OpenAL Utility Toolkit (optenv32)
freefont 1:20120503 Set of free outline fonts covering the Unicode character set
freeglut+32 3.0.0-1 Free GL User Toolkit (optenv32)
freepats 20060219-4 A free and open set of GUS instrument patches for use with softsynths like wildmidi and timidity
freepats2 20200523 A free and open set of General MIDI sound set which is newly assembled from scratch
freetype+32 2.12.1 Font rendering engine (optenv32)
frescobaldi 3.1.2-1 LilyPond sheet music text editor
fribidi+32 1.0.10 Free implementation of BiDi algorithm (optenv32)
funcsigs 1.0.2-2 Python function signatures from PEP362
functools32 3.2.3+2 Backport of the functools module from Python 3.2.3 for use on 2.7 and PyPy
fuse-common 3.10.1-2 Common configuration for FUSE
future 0.17.0-3 Easy, clean, reliable Python 2/3 compatibility
fuzzywuzzy 0.18.0-1 Fuzzy string matching in Python
gajim 1.4.0 A fully featured and easy to use Jabber client
game-music-emu+32 0.6.0-1 Video game music file emulation/playback library (optenv32)
gaupol 1.7-3 Editor for text-based subtitle files
gcc+32 11.2.0-2 GNU Compiler Collection (optenv32)
gconf+32 3.2.6-1 GConf configuration database system (optenv32)
gdbm+32 1.11-2 GNU Database Manager library
gdk-pixbuf+32 2.38.2-1 A toolkit for image loading and pixel buffer manipulation (optenv32)
genfstab 24-4 A fstab generator taken from Arch Linux
genpac 2.0.1 A PAC file Generator
genryu-font 1.501-1 A free font family derived from Source Han Serif
genwan-font 1.501-1 A free font family derived from Source Han Serif
genyo-font 1.501-1 Free font derived from Source Han Serif
geoip-database 20170502 GeoLite country geolocation database compiled by MaxMind
geteltorito 0.6 El Torito boot image extractor
ghostscript+32 9.27-1 An interpreter for the PostScript language (optenv32)
gi-docgen 2022.1 A documentation generator for GObject-based libraries
giflib+32 5.1.8 A library for reading and writing GIF images (optenv32)

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