et-xmlfile 1.0.1-4 A low memory library for creating large XML files
etl 1.2.2 C++ STL complementary multiplatform template library
eudev+32 3.1.5-4 A stripped down version of UDev by Gentoo (optenv32)
evopop-icon-theme 0.11 A simple icon theme with some Google material design inspiration
expat+32 2.2.9 A stream oriented C library for parsing XML (optenv32)
extra-cmake-modules 5.91.0 Extra modules and scripts for CMake
eyed3 0.9.5-1 Python module and program for processing MPEG-3 file embedded information
faac+32 1.28-1 An encoder for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) (optenv32)
faad2+32 2.10.0 ISO AAC audio decoder (optenv32)
faker 4.1.1-1 A Python package that generates fake data for you
fandol-fonts 20150717-3 The Fandol font family for Chinese typesetting
fantasque-sans-mono 1.8.0-1 Programmer-oriented Monospace font with elements of handwriting styling
fantasque-sans-mono-nerd-fonts 2.1.0-1 Fantasque Sans Mono Nerd Fonts Version
fanwunming 1.007 Fan Wun Ming is a Simplified-Chinese-to-Traditional-Chinese font based on GenYoMin
fasteners 0.16.3 A python package that provides useful locks.
fbsetbg 1.3.7-7 A simple wrapper script to set background for X11 desktop environments
fcitx-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS Fcitx input method support
fcitx-table-extra 0.3.8-1 Extra tables for Fcitx, including Boshiamy, Zhengma, Cangjie3, Cangjie5
fcitx-table-other 0.2.4-2 Provides some other tables for Fcitx
fcitx5-base 2 Meta package for AOSC OS Fcitx5 input method support
fcitx5-material-color 1:0.2.1-1 Material color theme for fcitx5
fcitx5-pinyin-moegirl 20220614 Fcitx 5 Pinyin Dictionary from
fcitx5-pinyin-zhwiki 0.2.3+dict20210823 Fcitx 5 Pinyin Dictionary from
fcitx5-theme-opensuse 20201110-1 Fcitx5 theme on openSUSE, including Dartmouth, Harlequin, and New Air
feedparser 6.0.8 Universal feed parser for RSS, CDF and Atom 1.0 feeds
ffmpeg+32 4.2.4-1 Complete and free Internet live audio and video broadcasting solution (optenv32)
ffnvcodec FFmpeg version of headers required to interface with Nvidias codec APIs
fftw+32 3.3.4-1 Library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) (optenv32)
fido2 0.9.1-1 Library functionality for FIDO 2.0
firacode 5.2 Monospaced font with programming ligatures
firehol 3.1.6-1 The iptables stateful packet filtering firewall builder
firewalld 0.9.3-1 Firewall daemon with D-Bus interface
firmware-free 20220610 Firmwares for Linux Kernel (The free parts)
firmware-nonfree 20220610 Firmwares for Linux Kernel (The non-free part)
firmware-wifi-ap6210 0 Firmware for Ampak AP6210 Wi-Fi module
firmware-wifi-ap6212 0-1 Firmware for Ampak AP6212 Wi-Fi module
firmware-wifi-rpi3 0 Firmware for Raspberry Pi 3 Wi-Fi module
fisher 4.3.2 A plugin manager for the Fish shell
fisherman 1:0 Transitional package for fisher
flac+32 1.3.3 FLAC analyzing library
flask 1:1.1.2-1 Micro webdevelopment framework for Python
flask-autoindex 0.6-3 Generates an index page for your Flask application automatically
flask-babel 2.0.0-3 I18n/l10n support for Flask applications
flask-gravatar 0.5.0-3 Small and simple gravatar usage in Flask
flask-login 0.4.1-3 User session management for Flask
flask-mail 0.9.1-4 Flask extension for sending email
flask-oldsessions 0.10-3 Provides a session class for Flask
flask-openid 1.3.0 A Flask extension for using OpenID authentication
flask-principal 0.4.0-4 Identity management for Flask
flask-security 3.0.0-3 Simple security for Flask apps
flask-silk 0.2-3 Adds silk icons to your Flask application or blueprint, or extension
flask-sqlalchemy 2.3.2-3 SQLAlchemy support for Flask applications
flask-wtf 0.14-3 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
flat-plat-theme 1:0 transitional package for materia-theme
flat-remix-gtk-theme-dark 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (dark)
flat-remix-gtk-theme-darker 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (darker)
flat-remix-gtk-theme-darkest 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (darkest)
flat-remix-gtk-theme-light 20200718 A simple GTK theme based on Material Design with Flat colors (light)
flat-remix-icon-theme 20191122 Super Flat remix is a pretty simple icon theme for Linux
flent 1.3.2-3 The FLExible Network Tester

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