cli-helpers 1.1.0-3 Python helpers for common CLI tasks
click 7.1.2-1 Command Line Interface Creation Kit
click-plugins 1.1.1-1 Command Line Interface Creation Kit
clikit 0.6.2-1 A group of utilities to build beautiful and testable command line interfaces
cloc 1.84 Count Lines Of Code
closure-linter 2.3.19 A JavaScript checker and style fixer
cloudpickle 0.8.0-3 Extended pickling support for Python objects
cock 0.6.0-1 A configuration builder library for Python
codec-base 1 Meta package for AOSC OS audio/video codecs (may be illegal in some countries/regions)
coffeescript 2.4.1 A little language that compiles into JavaScript
collectl 4.3.1 A light-weight performance monitoring tool
colorama 0.4.3-2 Cross-platform colored terminal text
colordiff 1.0.19 Perl script wrapper for diff that produces the same output but with syntax highlighting
coloredlogs 10.0 Colored terminal output for Python's logging module
comic-neue 2.51 A font family for a casual look and feel
comme-fonts 20140513-3 The continuation for the Oxygen Font family
commonmark 0.8.1-3 Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown specifications
compiz-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS Compiz components and utilities
composer 2.0.13 A dependency manager for PHP
compton 1:0 A compositor for X11 (transitional package for Picom)
conan 1.43.2 Decentralized, open-source (MIT), C/C++ package manager
config 20180301-1 GNU config.guess and config.sub script, useful for triplet detection and normalization
configargparse 1.3-1 A drop-in replacement for argparse that allows options to also be set via config files and/or environment variables
configobj 5.0.6-5 Simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python
configparser 1:3.7.3-1 Brings the updated configparser from Python 3.5 to Python 2
configshell-fb 1.1.28-1 A Python library for building configuration shells
constantly 15.1.0-3 Symbolic constants in Python
construct 2.9.45-3 A powerful declarative parser/builder for binary data
container-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS container support
contextlib2 21.6.0 A backport of the standard library’s contextlib module to earlier Python versions
convertall 0.7.5 A fully functional unit conversion utility
convmv 2.05 Converts filenames from one encoding to another
courier-prime-fonts 20210820 An 'improved' Courier font family
cowsay 3.04.01 Configurable talking cow
crashtest 0.3.1-1 A Python library that makes exceptions handling and inspection easier
creativity-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS 2D/3D creativity usage
croscore-fonts 1:1.31.0-4 The Chrome OS core fonts
crosextra-fonts 20130920-5 Extra Chrome OS fonts
css-parser 1.0.6-1 CSS-related utilities (parsing, serialization, etc.) for Python
cssselect2 0.6.0 A Python library that parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0 (version 2)
cssutils 1.0.2 A CSS library for Python
cups+32 2.3.3 The CUPS Printing System (optenv32)
curl+32 7.83.1 A URL retrieval utility and library (optenv32, libraries only)
curtsies 1:0.3.4-1 Curses-like terminal wrapper with a display based on compositing 2D arrays of text
cutefish-base 0 Meta package for Cutefish desktop environment
cutive-fonts 20121025-3 The Cutive font family
cyanberry-config 0.1.4 Dialog based configuration tool for AOSC OS ARM devices
cycler 0.10.0-5 Composable style cycles
cymruwhois 1.6-3 Python client for the service
d2to1 0.2.12.post1-5 Python bindings to the OpenStack Identity API (Keystone)
damo 1.0.9 Data Access Monitor Userspace Tools
danmaku2ass 20170730-1 Convert comments from Niconico/Acfun/bilibili to ASS
dateutil 2.7.3-3 Powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
db+32 6.1.26-1 Berkeley DB embedded database system
dbus+32 1.12.18 D-Bus (libraries only, optenv32)
dbus-deviation 0.6.1 A D-Bus Introspection XML parser module for Python
dbus-glib+32 0.108-1 D-Bus GLib Binding (optenv32)
debian-archive-keyring 2021.1.1 GnuPG archive keys of the Debian archive
debootstrap 1.0.123 Bootstrap a basic Debian system
decorator 4.3.2-3 Python decorator module

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