dephell-setuptools 0.2.4 A Python module reads metainfo from for dephell
dephell-shells 0.1.5 A Python module activates virtual environment for current shell
dephell-specifier 0.2.2 A Python module Work with version specifiers for dephell
dephell-venvs 0.1.18 A Python module manages virtual environments for dephell
dephell-versioning 0.1.2 A Python helper module for version styling
deprecation 2.0.7 A Python library that enables automated deprecations
desktop-base 6.0.0+20190706-1 Base desktop definition and assets for AOSC OS
devel-base 1 Meta package for AOSC OS development/packaging support
dex 0.8.0-1 Program to generate and execute Desktop entry files
diff-match-patch 20121119-1 Robust algorithms to perform the operations required for synchronizing plain text
diff-so-fancy 1.4.1 Good-lookin' diffs. Actually… nah… The best-lookin' diffs
diffuse 0.6.0 Graphical interface for file comparison and merging
distlib 0.3.1 A library which implements low-level functions that relate to packaging and distribution of Python software
django 3.2.6 A high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design
django-htmlmin 0.10.0-4 HTML minifier for Python frameworks (not only Django, despite the name)
dkms 1:2.8.3 Dynamic Kernel Modules System
dlang-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS D Language runtime and development support
dm-shared-dbus-config 1:0-2 Shared DBus config for Display Managers
dnsdiag 1.6.4-2 DNS Diagnostics and Performance Measurement Tools
dnspython 1.16.0-2 A DNS toolkit for Python
dnssec-anchors 20170203 DNSSEC trust anchors for the root zone
docbook-dsssl 1.79-1 DSSSL Stylesheets for DocBook
docbook-dtd 4.5-3 SGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook
docbook-sgml 1:0 Document type definitions for verification of SGML data files against the DocBook rule set (transitional package)
docbook-sgml31 3.1-1 Document type definitions for verification of SGML data files against the DocBook rule set (3.1)
docbook-utils 0.6.14-1 Shell scripts to manage DocBook documents
docbook-xml 1:0 A widely used XML scheme for writing documentation and help files (transitional package)
docbook-xsl 1.79.2-2 XML stylesheets for Docbook-xml transformations
docbook2x 2:0-2 Transitional package for DocBook-Utils
docmake 0.1003 A tool to render DocBook/XML into various output formats
docopt 0.6.2-2 Pythonic argument parser
docutils 1:0.14-2 Set of tools for processing plain-text documents into formats such as HTML, XML, etc.
dot2tex 2.11.3-1 A Graphviz to LaTeX converter
droid-fallback-fonts 6.0.1r16-2 The Droid Fallback family of fonts
droid-fonts 20161104-2 The Droid family of fonts
dstat 0.7.4 A versatile resource statistics tool
dsview-firmware 1.12 Firmware for Dream Source Lab DSLogic/DScope instruments
easy-rsa 3.0.8 Simple shell based CA utility
ebook-viewer 1:0+git20201021 Modern GTK Python Ebook Reader app to easily read epub files
econnman 1.1-4 Enlightenment ConnMan user interface
editor-base 0 Meta package for AOSC OS basic editors
edk2 2:202105 A platform firmware development environment for the UEFI and PI specifications
eigen-3 3.3.9-1 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra
elementary-xfce 20160915 An Elementary icons fork for Xfce
elfutils+32 0.166-1 Libraries and utilities to handle ELF object files and DWARF debugging information (optenv32)
emojione 4.5.0 A library of emojis designed for the Web
enca+32 1.19-1 Charset analyzer and converter
enlightenment-base 0 Meta package for Enlightenment desktop environment
entrypoints 0.3-2 Discover and load entry points from installed packages
enum34 1.1.10 Enum backport for Python 2.x
et-xmlfile 1.0.1-3 A low memory library for creating large XML files
etl 1.2.2 C++ STL complementary multiplatform template library
eudev+32 3.1.5-4 A stripped down version of UDev by Gentoo (optenv32)
evopop-icon-theme 0.11 A simple icon theme with some Google material design inspiration
expat+32 2.2.9 A stream oriented C library for parsing XML (optenv32)
extra-cmake-modules 5.87.0 Extra modules and scripts for CMake
eyed3 0.9.5 Python module and program for processing MPEG-3 file embedded information
faac+32 1.28-1 An encoder for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) (optenv32)
faad2+32 2.10.0 ISO AAC audio decoder (optenv32)
faker 4.1.1 A Python package that generates fake data for you

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