clustal-omega 1.2.4-1 Clustal Omega Multi-sequence alignment tool
clutter 1.26.4-2 A GObject based library for creating fast, visually rich graphical user interfaces
clutter-gst 2.0.18-3 GStreamer bindings for Clutter
clutter-gst-3.0 3.0.27-2 GStreamer bindings for Clutter (3.x series)
clutter-gtk 1.8.4-2 A library allowing embedded Clutter canvas in GTK+ applications
clzip 1.10 C implementation of lzip
cmake 3.23.0 A modern toolset used for generating Makefiles
cmake-fedora 2.9.3 CMake helper modules for Fedora developers
cmark 0.29.0 CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
cmatrix 2.0 A clone of the effects from The Matrix movie
cmix 16-1 A lossless data compression program
cmocka 1.1.5-1 Unit testing framework for C with support for mock objects
cmus 2.9.1 A small, fast and powerful console music player for Unix-like operating systems
code-server 3.5.0-1 Run VS Code on a remote server
codeine-trinity 14.0.10-1 A XINE-based media player for Trinity Desktop Environment
cogl 1.22.8-1 An object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer
coinmp 1.8.4 C-API library that supports most of the functionality of CLP (Coin LP), CBC (Coin Branch-and-Cut), and CGL (Cut Generation Library) projects
coinutils 2.11.4 COIN-OR collection of utility classes
colord 1.4.6-1 System daemon for managing color devices
colord-gtk 0.3.0 GTK integration for Colord
colord-kde 0.5.0 Interfaces and session daemon to colord for KDE
compface 1.5.2-2 Utils & libs to convert from/to X-Face format.
compiz OpenGL window and compositing manager
compsize 1.3 A tool for calculating compression ratio of a set of files on Btrfs
concurrencykit 0.7.1 C library to aid concurrent application development
confuse 3.2.2-1 C library for parsing configuration files
conky 1.10.8-2 Lightweight system monitor
conmon 2.0.31 OCI container runtime monitor
core-base 1 Meta package for AOSC OS Core runtime
coreboot-utils 4.15 Various utilities from Coreboot project
coreutils 9.1 A collection of basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
corkscrew 2.0-2 A tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies
corsixth 1:0.65.1 A Theme Hosptial clone which uses the original game's resource files.
cpio 2.13-4 A GNU archiving program
cppcheck 2.3 A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpprestsdk 2.10.18 A Microsoft project for cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design
cppunit 1.15.1-1 A C++ unit testing framework
cpulimit 2.7 Limit CPU usage
cracklib 2.9.8 A library used to enforce strong passwords
crash 7.2.9 Linux Kernel crashdump analysis
crcmod 1.7-1 Python library to generating CRC calculators
crda 3.18-4 Central Regulatory Domain Agent for wireless networks
criu 3.16.1 Checkpoint and restore in user space
crow-translate 2.9.1-2 A multi-backend online translator with pronunciation support
crun 1.4 OCI runtime written in C
cryfs 0.10.2 Cryptographic filesystem for the cloud
crypto++ 8.2.0-1 A free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
cryptography 38.0.1 Exposes cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers
cryptsetup 2.6.0 A utility for setting up encrypted disks
ctags 20191203-1 Generates an index file of language objects found in source files
cuetools 1.4.1 Cue and toc file parsers and utilities
cunit 2.1+3-2 A unit testing framework for the C language
cups 2.4.2 The CUPS Printing System
cups-filters 1.28.9-1 OpenPrinting CUPS Filters
curl 7.86.0 A URL retrieval utility and library
curlftpfs 0.9.2-2 A filesystem for accessing FTP hosts based on FUSE and LibcURL
cutter 2.1.0 Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework
cvechecker 3.9 Command-line utility to scan the system and report on potential vulnerabilities, based on public CVE data
cvs 1:1.12.13-3 Concurrent Versions System - a source control system
cvsps 3.13-1 Generating 'patchset' information from a CVS repository

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