xfe 1.43.2-2 X File Explorer (Xfe) - an MS-Explorer like file manager for X
xfmpc 0.3.0 Graphical MPD client for Xfce
xfsprogs 5.10.0 XFS filesystem utilities
xfwm4 4.16.0 Window manager for Xfce
xiccd 0.3.0 A color management daemon for displays, printers, etc.
xine-lib 1.2.10-3 A multimedia playback engine
xine-ui 0.99.12 A free video player for the Unix family
xinetd 2.3.15-4 A secure replacement for inetd
xinit 1.4.1 X server initialisation tool
xinput-calibrator 0.7.5-2 A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
xjadeo 0.8.9-1 A video player that displays a video clip in sync with an external time source
xl2tpd 1.3.15 An open source implementation of the L2TP maintained by Xelerance Corporation
xmlgraphics-commons 2.1 Common components between FOP and Batik
xmlrpc-c 1.51.0-2 A quick-and-easy way to make procedure calls over the Internet
xmlsec 1.2.30 XML Security Library
xmlto 0.0.28-2 Utility to convert xml to many other formats
xmltoman 0.4-2 Convert xml to man pages in groff format or html
xmms 1.2.11 The X MultiMedia System
xmrig 6.7.1 High performance Monero (XMR) CPU miner
xnp2 20150502 A PC-9801 emulator
xorg-server 1.20.11-1 X.Org display server
xorgxrdp 0.2.14 Xorg drivers for xrdp
xosview2 2.3.1 A lightweight system monitor
xournal 0.4.8-5 Notetaking and sketching application
xplanet 1.3.1-2 Render a planetary image into an X window
xpra 2.4.3-4 An open-source multi-platform persistent remote display server and client
xrdp 0.9.14 An open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server
xreader 2.4.4 A generic Document Reader
xsane 0.999-3 A GTK-based X11 frontend for SANE
xscreensaver 5.43 Screensaver and locker for the X Window System
xsd 4.1.0~alpha11 W3C XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler
xsel 1.2.0-2 Command-line program for getting and setting the contents of the X selection
xsettingsd 1.0.0 A daemon that implements the XSETTINGS specification
xsp 4.6-1 A simple webserver based on Mono, providing ASP.NET emulation
xss-lock 0.3.0+git20140302 A tool for using external lockers as XScreenSaver replacements
xterm 351-1 X Terminal Emulator
xtitle 0.4.4 Outputs X window titles
xvidcore 1.3.7 XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec
xviewer 2.4.3 A generic Image Viewer
xxhash 0.8.0 Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
xz 5.2.5-1 General-purpose data compression software with a high compression ratio
yabause 0.9.15-2 A Sega Saturn emulator
yad 0.40.0 Yet Another Dialog (fork of Zenity)
yajl 2.1.0-2 Yet Another Json Library
yakuake 3.0.5-1 Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology.
yaml 0.2.5 YAML 1.1 library
yaml-cpp 0.6.3-3 YAML parser and emitter in C++, written around the YAML 1.2 spec
yara 3.9.0-1 Tool aimed at helping malware researchers to identify and classify malware samples
yara-python 3.9.0-2 Python bindings for Yara
yarl 1.6.3 Yet another URL library for Python
yash 2.48 Yet Another SHell is a POSIX-compliant command line shell
yasm 1.3.0-1 A rewrite of NASM
ydcv-rs 0.4.7-3 A Rust version of ydcv
yelp 3.38.2 A help browser for GNOME
yosys 0.8+git20190314-1 Open-source digital circuit synthesis suite
yubico-c 1.13 Yubico YubiKey C library
yubico-c-client 2.15 Yubico YubiKey client C library
yubico-pam 2.26-1 Yubico YubiKey PAM modules
yubico-piv-tool 1.7.0 Command line tool for the YubiKey PIV application
yubikey-manager-qt 1.1.5 Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey over all USB interfaces

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