findutils 4.8.0 Find utils
flac 1.3.3-2 FLAC analyzing library
flameshot 12.0.0 Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software
flatbuffers 2.0.6 Cross platform serialization library for multiple languages
flatpak 1.12.2 Application deployment framework for desktop applications
flex 2.6.4-5 A LEX replacement
flite 2.0.0-2 A lightweight speech synthesis engine
fltk 1.3.5-1 Graphical user interface toolkit for X
fluidsynth 2.0.5-1 A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
fmt 8.0.1 A modern formatting library for C++
fontconfig 1:2.13.92+aosc-2 A library for configuring and customizing font access
fprintd 1.94.1 D-Bus service to access fingerprint readers
frameworkintegration 5.96.0 Framework providing components to allow applications to integrate with a KDE Workspace
freecell-solver 6.2.0 A program that automatically solves layouts of Freecell and similar variants of Card Solitaire
freeglut 3.2.1 Free GL User Toolkit
freerdp 2:2.7.0 A free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
freetds 1.00.112 Library for accessing Sybase and MS SQL Server databases
freetype 2.10.4 Font rendering engine
freexl 1.0.5 Library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet
fribidi 1.0.10 Free implementation of BiDi algorithm
frp 0.42.0 Fast reverse proxy
ftjam 2.5.3rc2-5 FT Jam - an enhanced version of the Jam build tool
fuse 2.9.8-4 Filesystem in userspace
fuse-3 3.10.1-2 Filesystem in userspace (version 3)
fzf 0.30.0 Command-line fuzzy finder
game-music-emu 0.6.3 Video game music file emulation/playback library
gamin 0.1.10-5 A File Alteration Monitor which is useful for notifying applications of changes to the file system
garcon 4.16.1 A compliant menu implementation
gawk 5.1.1 A data-reformation tool
gc 8.0.6 A garbage collector for C and C++
gcab 1.1 GObject Introspection interface description for gcab
gcc 11.2.0-2 GNU Compiler Collection (compilers and development tools)
gcc-runtime 11.2.0-2 GNU Compiler Collection (runtime libraries only)
gconf 3.2.6-5 GConf configuration database system
gcr 3.40.0-1 Libraries used for displaying certificates and accessing key stores
gdal 3.0.2-6 Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
gdb 12.1-1 GNU source-level debugger for multiple programming languages
gdbm 1.23 GNU Database Manager library
gdk-pixbuf 2.42.8 A toolkit for image loading and pixel buffer manipulation
gdm 40.1 GNOME Display Manager
geoclue 0.12.99-3 A modular geoinformation service built on top of the D-Bus messaging system
geoclue2 2.5.7 Modular geoinformation service built on the D-Bus messaging system
geoip-api-c 1.6.12 Non-DNS IP-to-country resolver C library and utilities
geoipupdate 4.9.0 GeoIP update client
geos 3.7.3 Geometry Engine - Open Source
gettext 1:0.21-2 GNU internationalization (i18n) library and utilities
gexiv2 0.13.0-1 GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
gflags 2.2.2-3 C++ Library for command line flag processing
gh 2.9.0 GitHub’s official command line tool
ghostscript 9.54.0 An interpreter for the PostScript language
giflib 5.1.8-1 A library for reading and writing GIF images
gifski 1.7.0 GIF encoder based on libimagequant (pngquant). Squeezes maximum possible quality from the awful GIF format
git 2.36.0 Fast distributed version control system
git-lfs 3.1.4 Git extension for versioning large files
gitui 0.20.1-2 Terminal User Interface for Git
gksu 1:2.0.2 A graphical frontend for su
gl2ps 1.4.2 An OpenGL to PostScript printing library
glade 3.38.2-2 User interface builder for GTK+ and GNOME
glew 2.2.0-3 The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glib 2.72.3-1 Common C routines used by GTK+ and other libs

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