cdrkit 1:1.1.11-1 Portable utilities for CDs
celluloid 0.18-1 A GTK+3/GNOME frontend for MPV (a MPlayer 2 fork)
celt 0.11.3-3 Low-latency audio communication codec
celt-0.5 Low-latency audio communication codec - SPICE version
ceph 1:14.2.16 A distributed object store and file system
cervisia 20.08.3 CVS frontend for KDE
cffi 1.14.3 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
cfitsio 3.450-1 A library reading and writing data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format
cg 3.1.0013 NVIDIA Cg libraries
cgal 4.13.2 Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
cgdb 0.7.1-1 Curses-based interface to GNU DeBugger
cgl 0.60.3 COIN-OR Cut Generation Library
cgmanager 0.42-1 Another daemon for managing control groups
charls 2.0.0-1 C++ JPEG-LS library implementation
chatty 0.2.0 Mobile-optimized libpurple frontend
check 0.15.2 Unit testing framework for C
cheese 3.38.0 Use your webcam to take photos and videos, apply fancy special effects and share the fun with others
cheetah 2.4.4-2 A Python powered template engine and code generator
cheetah3 3.2.5 A Python powered template engine and code generator
chemtool 1.6.14-3 A small program for drawing chemical structures
chibi-scheme 0.7.3-3 Minimal R7RS scheme implementation for use as an extension language
chipsec 1.5.4-1 Platform Security Assessment Framework
chmlib 0.40a Support for Microsoft ITSS/CHM file formats
chntpw 1:1.1 Offline NT Password Editor - reset passwords in a Windows NT SAM user database file
choqok 1.6.0-2 A Twitter/ social client for KDE
chromaprint 1.4.3-3 Library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints from any audio source
chrome-gnome-shell 10.1-2 Extension for Google Chrome browser and native connector
chromium 87.0.4280.88 A performance and security focused Web browser
chrony 4.0 Lightweight NTP client and server
chrpath 0.16-3 A utility for changing rpath in ELF formatted files
ciel 3.0.0~beta3 An integrated packaging environment for AOSC OS
cifs-utils 6.10 User-space tools for CIFS
cimg 2.8.4 Open-source C++ toolkit for image processing
cinepaint 1.0.4-11 Sophisticated graphics manipulation program supporting > 8bit pictures
cinnamon 4.8.2 A GNOME Shell fork aiming to provide traditional user experience
cinnamon-control-center 4.8.1 Centralized settings manager for Cinnamon
cinnamon-desktop 4.8.1 Library with common API for various Cinnamon modules
cinnamon-menus 4.8.2 Cinnamon menu specifications
cinnamon-screensaver 4.8.1 Screensavers designed to integrate well with the Cinnamon desktop
cinnamon-session 4.8.0 Cinnamon session handler
cinnamon-settings-daemon 4.8.2 The Cinnamon Settings Daemon
citra 0+git20190716-1 An experimental Nintendo 3DS emulator
cjs 4.8.1 JavaScript bindings for Cinnamon
clamav 0.103.0-1 Anti-virus toolkit for Unix
clamz 0.5-3 Command-line program to download MP3 files from's music store
clash 1.3.5 A rule-based tunnel for VMess, Shadowsocks, Trojan, Snell protocols
clasp 3.3.5 A conflict-driven nogood learning answer set solver
claws-mail 3.17.6-4 A GTK+ based email client
clblas 2.12-1 The OpenCL BLAS portion of clMath.
clblast 1.5.1 The tuned OpenCL BLAS library.
cld2 20160820-2 Compact Language Detector 2
clementine 1.4.0~rc1-5 A modern music player and library organizer
cli-visualizer 1.8-2 CLI based audio visualizer
clinfo Display OpenCL information
clipass 0.2.5 CLI password management
clipit 1.4.2-2 Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager (fork of Parcellite)
cliquer 1.21 A set of C routines for finding cliques in an arbitrary weighted graph
clit 1.8-5 An extractor/converter for .LIT eBooks
cln 1.3.6 Class library for numbers
cloog 0.20.0-1 Library that generates loops for scanning Polyhedras

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