acl 2.2.53 Access Control List
admin-base 3-1 Meta package for AOSC OS basic administrative utilities
alsa-lib 1.1.8 The ALSA interface library
aosc-aaa 5.3.2 Bed-rock level system definitions
apr 1.6.5-1 Apache Portable Runtime
apr-util 1.6.1-2 The Apache Portable Runtime utilities
apt 1:1.7.0-2 Advanced Packaging Tools
argyllcms 2.0.1 ICC compatible color management system
aspell An interactive spell checking program and the Aspell libraries
at-spi2-atk 2.30.0 A library that bridges ATK to At-Spi2 D-Bus service
at-spi2-core 2.30.0 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
atk 2.30.0 A library providing a set of interfaces for accessibility
attr 2.4.48-1 Extended attribute support library for ACL support
autogen 5.18.12-1 A tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs
avahi 0.7-2 Service Discovery for Linux using mDNS/DNS-SD
babeltrace 1.5.6-1 Command-line race reader for LTTng
bash 4.4.19 Bourne Again SHell
bc 1.07.1 A command line calculator
bcache-tools 1.0.8 Userspace tools for Bcachefs
bind 1:9.12.3.P4-2 Internet Domain Name Server (from ISC)
binutils 2.30-1 A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files
bison 3.0.5 The GNU general purpose parser generator
bluez 5.50 The Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
brotli 1.0.7 Brotli compression library and utility
btrfs-progs 4.20.1 Btrfs filesystem utilities
busybox 1.30.1 A monolithic system utility shell
bzip2 1.0.6-5 A freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor
c-ares 1.14.0 C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously
cairo 1.16.0 A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices
cdparanoia 10.2-3 A CD audio extraction tool
cffi 1.11.5 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
cgdb 0.7.0-1 Curses-based interface to GNU DeBugger
check 0.12.0 Unit testing framework for C
cmake 3.13.4 A modern toolset used for generating Makefiles
colord 1.4.3-1 System daemon for managing color devices
coreutils 8.30-1 Basic and important programs for a basic GNU userland
cpio 2.12-1 A GNU archiving program
cracklib 2.9.6-1 A library used to enforce strong passwords
cryptography 2.3.1 Exposes cryptographic recipes and primitives to Python developers
cryptsetup 2.0.6 A utility for setting up encrypted disks
cups 2.2.10 The CUPS Printing System
curl 7.64.0-3 An URL retrieval utility and library
cvsps 3.13-1 Generating 'patchset' information from a CVS repository
cyrus-sasl 2.1.27 A Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a method for adding authentication support to connection-based protocols
db 6.2.32 Berkeley DB embedded database system
dbus 2:1.12.10 D-Bus, a system message bus
dbus-glib 0.110 D-Bus GLib Binding
dbus-python 1.2.8 Python bindings for DBus
dconf 0.30.1 A low level configuration system
debianutils 4.8.6 Handy utilities from Debian
debug-base 2-1 Meta package for AOSC OS debugging support
desktop-file-utils 0.23 Command line utilities for working with desktop entries
dhcp 4.4.1 A DHCP server, client and relay agent
diffutils 3.6 Utilities for generating diff stats from files
ding-libs 0.6.1 D is not GLib - utility libraries
dnsmasq 2.80 Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
dos2unix 7.4.0 Text file format converter
dosfstools 4.1 DOS filesystem utilities
doxygen 1.8.15 A documentation system for C/C++
dpkg The Debian package manager tools and libraries

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