apt-file 1:3.2.2 A command line tool for searching files contained in packages
bash-startup 2: Generic Bash Startup Files for AOSC OS
breeze-grub 5.16.3 Breeze theme for GRUB
breeze-icons 5.60.0 Breeze icon themes
extra-cmake-modules 5.60.0 Extra modules and scripts for CMake
fortune-zh 2.95-1 Chinese Data files for Fortune
kapidox 5.60.0 Frameworks API documentary tools
kdeedu-data 19.08.0 Common data for KDE educational applications
oxygen-icons 1:5.60.0 Oxygen icon theme
plasma-workspace-wallpapers 5.16.3 Wallpapers for the KDE Plasma Workspace (KDE Framework/Plasma 5)
typescript 3.5.3 A superset of JavaScript that compiles to clean JavaScript output
yarn 1.17.3 Fast reliable and secure dependency management

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