a2jmidid 8 A daemon to expose legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK MIDI system
cuberite 0.1+git20180122 A lightweight MineCraft server implementation in C/C++
jack-capture 0.9.73 A commandline tool to save JACK signal output to a file
ladish 20140911-1 LADI session handler
liblo 0.29 A lightweight OSC (Open Sound Control) implementation
stk 4.5.0-2 The Synthesis ToolKit
tree 1.7.0-1 Displays an indented directory tree, in color
zita-ajbridge 0.7.0 JACK client allow to use ALSA devices to provide extra capure and playback channels
zita-alsa-pcmi 0.2.0 A library provides easy access to ALSA PCM devices
zita-convolver 3.1.0 A fast and partitioned convolution engine library
zita-resampler 1.6.0-1 A C++ library for re-sampling audio signals

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