abiword 3.0.2-3 Fully-featured FOSS word processor
accountsservice 0.6.54 D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
aisleriot 3.22.7 A collection of patience games written in guile scheme
analitza 18.08.2-1 A KDE library to add mathematical functionality to your program
apitrace 7.1-1 A tool to trace and replay OpenGL API
apt 1:1.7.0-1 Advanced Packaging Tools
aria2 1.34.0-1 Download utility that supports HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink
audacious 3.10-1 A simple GTK+ audio player
audiofile 0.3.6git20140526-2 Silicon Graphics Audio File Library
autogen 5.18.12-1 A tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs
avidemux 2.7.1-1 A simple free video editor
avogadrolibs 1.91.0-1 Advanced molecular editor (libraries)
avrdude 6.3 Tool for programming Microchip AVR series MCUs
babl 0.1.58 Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library
baidupcs-go 3.5.6 An unofficial client for BaiduPCS
bctoolbox 0.6.0-4 A library for creating and running audio and video streams
bear 2.3.13 tool to generate compilation database for clang tooling
blender 2.79b-5 A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
boost 1.67.0-2 Boost C++ libs
brotlipy 0.7.0 Python bindings to the Brotli compression library
bubblewrap 0.3.1 Unprivileged sandboxing tool.
bzrtp 1.0.6-4 Open source implementation of ZRTP keys exchange protocol
cabextract 1.9 Microsoft cabinet file extractor
calligra 3.1.0-7 A productivity suite based on KDE Frameworks
capstone 4.0.1 A lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework
carbons 0.2.1 Experimental XEP-0280: Message Carbons plugin for libpurple.
ccache 3.6 C/C++ compiler cache to speed up repeated compilation
ccat 20181115 Colorizing cat
cimg 2.4.0 Open-source C++ toolkit for image processing
clamav 0.100.2 Anti-virus toolkit for UNIX
clblas 2.12 The OpenCL BLAS portion of clMath.
clinfo Display OpenCL information
cmake 3.13.2 A modern toolset used for generating Makefiles
cmocka 1.1.3 Unit testing framework for C with support for mock objects
cquery 20180718 a highly-scalable, low-latency language server for C/C++/Objective-C
crash 7.2.5 Linux Kernel crashdump analysis
cups 2.2.10 The CUPS Printing System
curl 7.62.0 An URL retrieval utility and library
cutter 1.7.3 Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework
cymem 2.0.2 Manage calls to calloc/free through Cython
cython 0.29 C extensions for Python
dblatex 0.3.10 DocBook (XML and SGML) to DVI, PDF, PostScript converter using LaTeX
ddnet 11.6 DDraceNetwork, a mod of Teeworlds
dejagnu 1.6.2 Framework for testing other programs
dfu-util 0.9 Host implementation of DFU protocol to flash device firmware via USB
digikam 5.9.0-2 Digital photo management application for KDE
dislocker 0.7.1-4 Read BitLocker encrypted volumes under Linux
dnsmasq 2.80 Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server
dolphin-emu 20181028 A Gamecube/Wii/Triforce emulator
dosbox 1:0.74+2 DOSBOX, a DOS emulator
drumstick 1.1.1-1 Qt5/C++ wrapper for ALSA sequencer
efivar 36-1 Tools and library for manipulating EFI variables
eigen-3 3.3.7 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra
elfutils 0.175 Libraries and utilities to handle ELF object files and DWARF debugging information
evolution-data-server 3.30.1-1 Centralized access to appointments and contacts
exempi 1:2.4.5-1 A library to parse XMP metadata
fcitx5-gtk 20180920 gtk im module and glib based dbus client library
fcitx5-qt 20181104 Qt library and IM module for fcitx5
fcitx5-rime 20180620 Fcitx5 wrapper for librime
fdkaac 1.0.0 Command line encoder frontend for libfdk-aac

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