0ad 0.0.21-3 RTS (Real Time Strategy) Game of Ancient Warfare
aaphoto 0.43.1-1 Auto Adjust Photo
accuraterip-checksum 1.4 commandline program to compute the AccurateRip checksum of singletrack WAV
acpica-unix 20170629-1 Intel ACPI Source Language compiler
aee 2.2.15b-1 An easy to use text editor
aegisub 3.2.2-8 A free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles
aiksaurus 1:1.2.1 An English-language thesaurus library
almanah 0.11.1-2 Small GTK+ application to keep a diary
alsa-utils 1.1.4-1 ALSA utilities
android-platform-tools 7.1.2r17-1 Android platform tools, adb and fastboot
anthy 9100h-2 Hiragana text to Kana Kanji mixed text Japanese input method
apache-maven 3.5.0-1 Java project management and project comprehension tool
apr 1.6.2 Apache Portable Runtime
apr-util 1.6.0 The Apache Portable Runtime utilities
aravis 0.5.9-1 A Genicam compliant vision library with a GStreamer source plugin
argyllcms 1.9.2-1 ICC compatible color management system
aspell An interactive spell checking program and the Aspell libraries
atom 1.18.0-1 A hackable text editor
atomicparsley 0.9.0-1 A command line program for reading, parsing and setting iTunes-style metadata in MPEG4 files
audiofile 0.3.6git20140526-1 Silicon Graphics Audio File Library
avidemux 2.6.20-2 A simple free video editor
azpainter 2.0.6 a simpler alternative to Sai
babl 0.1.30 Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library
balsa 2.5.2-2 An e-mail client designed for GNOME (kinda old but kinda classic)
bamf 1:0.5.1-2 Application matching framework
banshee 2.6.2-1 Music management and playback application for GNOME
bcg729 1.0.4 a g729 codec plugin
bctoolbox 0.6.0 A library for creating and running audio and video streams
bcunit 3.0.2 Lightweight system for writing, administering, and running unit tests in C
beaver 0.4.1-2 Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR
belle-sip 1.6.3 A SIP (RFC3261) implementation written in C
blender 2.79 A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
bless 0.6.0-1 A hex data editor
brasero 1:3.12.1-1 Disc burning application for GNOME
broadcom-wl Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver
budgie-desktop 10.4 A simple, yet elegant desktop
bzrtp 1.0.6 Open source implementation of ZRTP keys exchange protocol
cairomm 1.12.0-1 C++ bindings for Cairo
caja 1.18.3-1 MATE desktop and file manager
cdrdao 1.2.3-3 Records audio/data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode
cinelerracv 2.3.0 Professional video editing and compositing environment
cinnamon-desktop 3.4.2-1 Library with common API for various Cinnamon modules
cinnamon-screensaver 3.4.1-1 Screensavers designed to integrate well with the Cinnamon desktop
cinnamon-settings-daemon 3.4.2-1 The Cinnamon Settings Daemon
clucene C++ port of the high-performance text search engine Lucene
clutter 1.26.2-1 A GObject based library for creating fast, visually rich graphical user interfaces
clutter-gst 2.0.18-1 GStreamer bindings for Clutter
clutter-gst-3.0 3.0.24-1 GStreamer bindings for Clutter (3.x series)
clutter-gtk 1.8.2-1 A library allowing embedded Clutter canvas in GTK+ applications
codecrypt 1.7.6 The post-quantum cryptography tool
codelite 10.0-3 A cross platform C/C++/PHP, and Node.js IDE
cogl 1.22.2-1 An object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer
colord 1.3.2-2 System daemon for managing color devices
colord-gtk 0.1.26-1 GTK+ integration for Colord
crystalhd-modules 20170321-1 Crystal HD hardware decoder kernel modules (DKMS)
cups-pdf 1:3.0.0-1 PDF printer for CUPS
czmq 3.0.2-1 High-level C binding for ZeroMQ
danmaq 0.2 A small client side Qt program to play danmaku on any screen.
dbus-cpp 5.0.0+16.10.20160809-1 A header-only DBus binding leveraging C++11
dbus-test-runner 14.04.1-1 Runs tests under a new DBus session

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