admin-base 3-1 Meta package for AOSC OS basic administrative utilities
afl 2.52b-1 A security-oriented fuzzer
akonadi 18.08.2 PIM layer for Qt5/KF5
akonadi-calendar 18.08.2 Akonadi calendar integration
akonadi-calendar-tools 18.08.2 CLI tools to manage akonadi calendars
akonadi-contacts 18.08.2 Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management
akonadi-import-wizard 18.08.2 Import data from other mail clients to KMail
akonadi-mime 18.08.2 Libraries and daemons to implement basic email handling
akonadi-notes 18.08.2 Libraries and daemons to implement management of notes
akonadi-search 18.08.2 Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi
akonadiconsole 18.08.2 Akonadi management and debugging console
akregator 18.08.2 A Feed Reader by KDE
alsa-utils 1.1.6-2 ALSA utilities
amtk 5.0.0 Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK+ applications
amule 1:2.3.2-3 An eMule-like client for ed2k network
analitza 18.08.2 A KDE library to add mathematical functionality to your program
apr 1.6.5-1 Apache Portable Runtime
apt 1:1.7.0 Advanced Packaging Tools
aravis 0.6.0 A Genicam compliant vision library with a GStreamer source plugin
arb 2.15.0 C library for arbitrary-precision floating-point ball arithmetic
argtable2 2.13 ANSI C library for parsing GNU style command line options with a minimum of fuss
argyllcms 2.0.1 ICC compatible color management system
ark 18.08.2 Archive manager for KDE
arpack-ng 3.6.3-1 Fortran77 subroutines designed to solve large scale eigenvalue problems
artikulate 18.08.2 KDE pronunciation trainer
aspcud 1.9.4-1 CUDF solver based on Answer Set Programming 0.76 An astronomy engine to create correct, standards-compliant astrometric meta data
at-spi2-atk 2.30.0 A library that bridges ATK to At-Spi2 D-Bus service
at-spi2-core 2.30.0 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
atk 2.30.0 A library providing a set of interfaces for accessibility
atom 1.31.1-1 A hackable text editor
atomix A puzzle game in which full molecules have to be built
attica5 5.50.0 Implements the Open Collaboration Services API (Qt 5)
aubio 0.4.7-2 A tool for extracting annotations from audio signals
audacious 3.10 A simple GTK+ audio player
audacity 2.3.0 A program that lets you manipulate digital audio waveforms
audiocd-kio 18.08.2 A KIO module for accessing audio CDs
augeas 1.11.0 Augeas configuration editing library and API
avogadro 1.2.0-3 An advanced molecular editor based on Qt
avogadrolibs 1.90.0-2 Advanced molecular editor (libraries)
babeltrace 1.5.6-1 Command-line race reader for LTTng
babl 0.1.56-1 Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library
baloo 5.50.0 A framework for searching and managing metadata
baloo-widgets 18.08.2 Widgets for Baloo
baobab 3.30.0 A graphical directory tree analyzer
bazel 0.17.2 A Java-based build system
bcftools 1.9 Utilities for variant calling and manipulating VCFs and BCFs
beignet 20180820 Open source implementation of the OpenCL for Intel GPUs
bijiben 3.30.1 Write out notes, every detail matters
bind 1:9.12.2.P1-1 Internet Domain Name Server (from ISC)
blender 2.79b-4 A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
blinken 18.08.2 A game of pattern memory
bluedevil 5.14.0 Modules for integration of Bluez stack into Plasma workspace and applications
blueman 1:2.1.alpha2-1 A GTK+ utility for managing Bluetooth connections and devices
bluez-qt 5.50.0 Qt wrapper for Bluez DBus API
bolt 0.5 Thunderbolt 3 device manager
bomber 18.08.2 A single player arcade bomber game
boot-base 1-1 Meta package for AOSC OS bootloader support
borgbackup 1.1.7-1 Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption.
bovo 18.08.2 A Gomoku like game for two players

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