akonadi 19.08.0 PIM layer for Qt5/KF5
akonadi-calendar 19.08.0 Akonadi calendar integration
akonadi-calendar-tools 19.08.0 CLI tools to manage akonadi calendars
akonadi-contacts 19.08.0 Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management
akonadi-import-wizard 19.08.0 Import data from other mail clients to KMail
akonadi-mime 19.08.0 Libraries and daemons to implement basic email handling
akonadi-notes 19.08.0 Libraries and daemons to implement management of notes
akonadi-search 19.08.0 Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi
akonadiconsole 19.08.0 Akonadi management and debugging console
akregator 19.08.0 A Feed Reader by KDE
amarok 20190824 The powerful music player for KDE
analitza 19.08.0 A KDE library to add mathematical functionality to your program
apt 1:1.8.2 Advanced Packaging Tools
aptly 1.3.0-1 Debian repository management tool
ark 19.08.0 Archive manager for KDE
artikulate 19.08.0 KDE pronunciation trainer
attica5 5.60.0 Implements the Open Collaboration Services API (Qt 5)
audiocd-kio 19.08.0 A KIO module for accessing audio CDs
baloo 5.60.0 A framework for searching and managing metadata
baloo-widgets 19.08.0 Widgets for Baloo
blinken 19.08.0 A game of pattern memory
bluedevil 5.16.3 Modules for integration of Bluez stack into Plasma workspace and applications
bluez-qt 5.60.0 Qt wrapper for Bluez DBus API
bomber 19.08.0 A single player arcade bomber game
bovo 19.08.0 A Gomoku like game for two players
breeze 5.16.3 Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop
breeze-gtk 5.16.3 A GTK Theme Built to Match KDE's Breeze
breeze-plymouth 5.16.3 Breeze theme for Plymouth
calendarsupport 19.08.0 KDE calendar support library
cantor 19.08.0 KDE Frontend to various Mathematical Software
cervisia 19.08.0 CVS frontend for KDE
chez-scheme 9.5.2+git20190703 Chez Scheme is a compiler and run-time system for the language of the Revised^6 Report on Scheme (R6RS), with numerous extensions
cuda 10.1.168+418.67 NVIDIA parallel computing platform and programming model
discover 5.16.3 The KDE Plasma interface for desktop computers
dolphin 19.08.0 File manager for KDE
dolphin-plugins 19.08.0 Extra plugins for Dolphin, the KDE file manager
dragon 19.08.0 Multimedia player for KDE
eventviews 19.08.0 KDE event viewing and manipulation library
fcitx5 20190714 Maybe a new fcitx
ffmpegthumbs 19.08.0 Thumbnailer using FFMpeg for decoding
filelight 19.08.0 A utility for KDE to view disk usage information
frameworkintegration 5.60.0 Framework providing components to allow applications to integrate with a KDE Workspace
git 2.22.0 Fast distributed version control system
gnupg-1 1.4.23 gnupg classic branch
gparted 1.0.0 A Partition Magic clone, frontend to GNU Parted
graftcp 20190505-1 A flexible tool for redirecting a given program's TCP traffic to SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy
granatier 19.08.0 A clone of the Bomber Man game
grantlee-editor 19.08.0 Editor for Grantlee themes
grantleetheme 19.08.0 KDE library for Grantlee theming support
grub 2:2.04-2 GNU GRand Unified Bootloader
gwenview 19.08.0 A fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE
incidenceeditor 19.08.0 KDE PIM incidence editor
juk 19.08.0 A jukebox and music manager for KDE
k3b 19.08.0 Feature-rich and easy to handle optical disc burning application
kaccounts-integration 19.08.0 KDE system to manage web accounts
kaccounts-providers 19.08.0 Providers data for KAccounts
kactivities 5.60.0 Core components for KActivities
kactivities-stats 5.60.0 A library for accessing the usage data collected by the activities system
kactivitymanagerd 5.16.3 System service to manage user's activities and track the usage patterns
kaddressbook 19.08.0 KDE contact manager

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