bluedevil 5.19.3 Modules for integration of Bluez stack into Plasma workspace and applications
breeze 5.19.3 Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop
breeze-gtk 5.19.3 A GTK Theme Built to Match KDE's Breeze
breeze-plymouth 5.19.3 Breeze theme for Plymouth
discover 5.19.3 The KDE Plasma interface for desktop computers
drkonqi 5.19.3 KDE crash handler
kactivitymanagerd 5.19.3 System service to manage user's activities and track the usage patterns
kde-cli-tools 5.19.3 Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 for better interaction with the system
kde-gtk-config 5.19.3 GTK+2 and GTK+3 configurator for KDE
kde-workspace 5.19.3 The KDE Plasma Workspace, API and runtime libraries
kdecoration 5.19.3 Plugin based library to create window decorations
kdeplasma-addons 5.19.3 Addons for the Plasma desktop
kgamma 1:5.19.3 A gamma calibrator for KDE
khotkeys 5.19.3 Hot key management support for the Plasma Workspace
kinfocenter 5.19.3 Application providing extensive information about the computer
kmenuedit 5.19.3 KDE applications menu editor
kscreen 5.19.3 KDE's screen management software
kscreenlocker 5.19.3 Library and components for secure lock screen architecture
ksshaskpass 5.19.3 Ssh-add helper that uses KWallet and KPasswordDialog
ksysguard 5.19.3 Track and control the processes running in your system
kwallet-pam 5.19.3 KWallet PAM integration
kwayland-integration 5.19.3 Integration plugins for various KDE frameworks for the Wayland windowing system
kwayland-server 5.19.3 Wayland server components built on KDE Frameworks
kwin 5.19.3 The KDE Window Manager
kwrited 5.19.3 KDE daemon listening for wall and write messages
libkscreen 5.19.3 Runtime libraries for KScreen settings
libksysguard 5.19.3 Runtime libraries for KDE System Guard
librime 1:1.5.3-2 Rime input method engine
milou 5.19.3 A dedicated search application built on top of Baloo
oxygen 5.19.3 Old Oxygen visual style from KDE Plasma 4.x
plasma-browser-integration 5.19.3 Components necessary to integrate browsers into the Plasma Desktop
plasma-desktop 5.19.3 Plasma interface for desktop computers
plasma-integration 5.19.3 Qt Platform Theme integration plugins for the Plasma workspaces
plasma-nano 5.19.3 A minimal plasma shell package intended for embedded devices
plasma-nm 5.19.3 Plasma applet written in QML for managing network connections
plasma-pa 5.19.3 Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio
plasma-phone-components 1:5.19.3 UI componets for Plasma Mobile
plasma-sdk 5.19.3 Applications useful for Plasma development
plasma-thunderbolt 5.19.3 KCM and KDE Daemon module for handling Thunderbolt devices
plasma-vault 5.19.3 Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults
plymouth-kcm 5.19.3 KCM to manage the Plymouth (Boot) theme
polkit-kde-agent-1 5.19.3 Daemon providing a polkit authentication UI for KDE
powerdevil 5.19.3 Manages the power consumption settings of Plasma Workspace
powertop 2:2.13 A tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management
sddm-kcm 5.19.3 KDE Config Module for SDDM
systemsettings 5.19.3 System settings for KDE Plasma Desktop
user-manager 5.19.3 A simple system settings module to manage the users of your system
xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.19.3 A backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt/KDE

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