baidupcs-go 3.6.2 An unofficial client for BaiduPCS
fcitx5 20200406 Maybe a new fcitx
fcitx5-chinese-addons 20200408 Fcitx 5 Chinese addons
fcitx5-gtk 20200402 gtk im module and glib based dbus client library
fcitx5-kkc 20200402 Fcitx5 wrapper for libkkc
fcitx5-qt 20200404 Qt library and IM module for fcitx5
fcitx5-rime 20200402 Fcitx5 wrapper for librime
fmt 6.2.0 A modern formatting library for C++
free42 2.5.18 Free42 : A HP-42S Calculator Simulator
hugo 0.69.0 Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator in Go
intel-gmmlib 20.1.1 Intel Graphics Memory Management Library
intel-media-driver 20.1.1 Intel Media Driver for VAAPI — Broadwell+ iGPUs
kcm-fcitx5 20200403 KDE Config Module for Fcitx5
libva 2.7.1 Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux
lua 5.3.5 Powerful lightweight programming language designed for extending applications
lua-expat 1.3.0-3 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library
lxc 3.2.1-3 LXC is a userspace interface for the Linux kernel containment features
monero Monero: the secure, private, untraceable peer-to-peer currency
mpd 0.21.21 Flexible, powerful server-side application for playing music
mpv 0.30.0-3 Video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2
msmtp 1.8.8 A mini smtp client
nerva 20200201 Nerva: a secure, untraceable peer-to-peer currency
netbsd-tools 9.0 Basic tools from NetBSD
nnn 3.1 The missing terminal file manager for X
rt-tests 1.8 Suite of real-time tests
throttled 0.7 Workaround for Intel throttling issues in Linux.
time 1.9 Utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources
turtlecoin 0.24.0 TurtleCoin is a fun, fast, and easy way to send money to friends and businesses
wine 2:5.6 Runtime/Compatibility Layer for running programs designed for Microsoft Windows
xcb-imdkit 20200402 input method development support for xcb

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