curl 7.68.0 An URL retrieval utility and library
fcitx5 20200118 Maybe a new fcitx
fcitx5-chinese-addons 20200118 Fcitx 5 Chinese addons
fcitx5-gtk 20191111 gtk im module and glib based dbus client library
fcitx5-qt 20200118 Qt library and IM module for fcitx5
fcitx5-rime 20200113 Fcitx5 wrapper for librime
haveged 1.9.8 Entropy harvesting daemon using CPU timings
kcm-fcitx5 20200113 KDE Config Module for Fcitx5
libime 20191231 A library to support generic input method implementation
winusb 20190227 WinUSB is a simple tool that enable you to create your own usb stick windows installer from an iso image or a real DVD
xcb-imdkit 20191111 input method development support for xcb

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